Bureau of Conveyances

This index includes several of the primary records of conveyance of lands in Honouliuli Ahupua‘a. The major focus is on the larger tracts of land which were subsequently developed into saltworks, ranching, plantation, and military operations. Several of the conveyances also provide samples of how and when native tenant kuleana were transferred to larger landowner shares. For lands of the Hoakalei preservation sites and lagoon area, only the large ahupua‘a conveyance deeds cover transfer of title as no small parcels were held in fee by individuals.

Deed for Interest in Land at Honouliuli

Kahananui deeded his interest in the land of his brother Nika at Honouliuli to Kaopala in 1863.

Know all men by these presents, I am Kahananui (k.) of Honouliuli, Island of Oahu. I hereby execute as a lease, and sell by this instrument unto Kaopala and his heirs, executors and assigns for all time, my interest in the personal property of Nika (k.) my younger brother, situated at Honouliuli. This property described above is plotted out in the award of the Land Commissioner.

Lease for Honouliuli Fishery

Levi Haalelea leased the Honouliuli Fishery to Daniel Montgomery in 1860.

This lease of Fishery privileges made on the twenty fifth day of December 1860, between Levi Haalelea of Honolulu on the first part and Daniel Montgomery of Puuloa, Ewa… of the second part. Witnesseth that the said Haalelea does hereby agree to Lease & doth lease unto the said Montgomery all his fishing rights & privileges (owned by him as Konohiki of the land called Honouliuli) in that portion of the sea of the said Ahupuaa of Honouliuli, contained within the following viz.: