Haalelea; Anaderia A.

Application of A. A. Haalelea

The following is from the records of the Boundary Commission. It is an application of A. A. Haalelea, who owns the ahupua‘a of Honouliuli, and it designates the boundaries of the ahupua‘a.

To the Honorable W. P. Kamakau

Commissioner Boundaries for the Island of Oahu, one of the Hawaiian Islands.

Public Notice: No Trespassing

The following public notice indicates that the named lands of Honouliuli are private and advises against trespassing on them. It implies that ranching activities are occurring in the area.

All persons are hereby cautioned against trespassing on the lands called Poupouwela, Kapa Aina Kalo, Pauhi, and Oneula, situated in the Ahupuaa of Honouliuli, Island of Oahu, and will take notice that if they trespass on either said lands, by running cattle, horses or other stock thereon or in any otherwise, that they will be prosecuted to the extent of the law.