Limu of the Hoakalei-Keoneula Shoreline

Limu (seaweed) of the Hawaiian coastal waters have been and continue to be highly valued. From past generations, we have learned of countless uses of limu —some eaten, others used as medicines to treat physical ailments, others used in religious ceremonies, some used in lei as adornemtns, and others used in spiritual healing practices. In modern time, we are still learning of the diverse types of limu and many uses which they have that are of benefit to people.

This past May 14th 2018, Dr. Heather Spalding—one of the students of the late Izzie Abbott who was the first native Hawaiian woman to recieve a PhD., and specialist in limu studies—was joined by Uncle Wally Ito to lead a walk along the Hoakalei shoreline. Together, they explored and shared about limu in the area. The group walk started at Oneula Beach Park, and traveled west towards Kualakai where they learned about such limu as kala, kohu, lipeepee, wawaeiole and lipoa. The tide, a -.4, was the perfect opportunity to see the diverse limu of the Ewa shoreline.

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Monday, May 14, 2018