Ua hala ia kupuna hiwahiwa o Arline Wainaha Ku‘uleialoha Pu‘ulei Nakihei Brede Eaton

Kupuna Arline Wainaha Ku‘uleialoha Pu‘ulei Nakihei Brede Eaton, the visionary and founding president of the Hoakalei Cultural Foundation passed away on December 5, 2013. She was born on November 11, 1927, and as an infant, brought to live at Keahi (now Iroquois Point), at Pu‘uloa with her kūpuna Kaniela and Malia Kealoha, who were descended from generations of Pu‘uloa-Honouliuli residents.
Kupuna Eaton dedicated her life to sharing Hawai‘i's cultural legacy with everyone who sought to know more about Hawaiian history, culture and way of life. Her life-long relationship with Pu‘uloa and members of the Dowsett-Parish family of Honouliuli, led her to become involved with programs to ensure that the history of the land and people would be passed on to future generations. With her beloved friends, Sister Thelma Parish and Mary Malama Serrao, Kupuna Eaton planned and formed the Hoakalei Cultural Foundation. The foundation supports preservation, conservation cultural stewardship, and a wide range of heritage programs on lands within and adjoining the Haseko Hawai‘i project district.
Kupuna Eatonʻs memorial service will be held January 25, 10 a.m. at Kawaiaha‘o Church.
Hoakalei Cultural Foundation Board Meeting of December 20, 2013
With the passing of Kupuna Eaton and Kupuna Mary Serrao this year, the board was left with vacancies that would be impossible to completely fill. The Foundation is honored to announce that both Kau‘i Serrao and Ku‘uwainani Eaton have agreed to, and been voted in to fill the gap left by the passing of our founding Kūpuna. The Hoakalei Cultural Foundation continues its work in development of place-based stewardship and educational programs for community and visitors alike. Na ke Akua no i kako‘o a e malama mau i ka ‘ohana Eaton ma.